I’ve retired from a lifetime of teaching in 2014. I’m grateful to have had the stability, it was fun and I was able to raise my son. But I always knew I wanted my own work to be in first place in my life. Art was and still is my first language.

I’m almost 65. My mother is still healthy at 99, so I expect to have good longevity and I want that time to make work.

There is an advantage in having had so many years on the earth. Time has softened me and made me more open to both the beauty and the sorrow in life.
That is really what I make work about.

The only precious material I use is gold. I use mostly discarded materials and I consider myself a redeemer.  I redeem what is broken and unnoticed. I am attracted to what is awkward and I use the written word in the work as a means of opening a conversation and posing a question. I use my left hand to draw and write to court the unexpected and awkward, because we have no real control.  Not really.

The gold is ridiculous and beautiful and a pure element.  I use neon and light, also something pure, inert gases. We humans are both pure and a complete mess.

Beautiful, awkward, enlightened, radiant and a complete mess. That’s us.

My studio here at MASS MoCA is full of personages and situations and each one has elements of purity and awkwardness.  Also a healthy sense of humor. Humor gets us through. The themes are topical as well as personal.  Mass murder, gun deaths, ravages of war and abandonment and yet, there is always time for a good laugh.

So, now for what I’m looking for, my goals. I want to keep showing.  I’d like to show in good venues.

I’d put career stuff on the back burner for many years and now I want to move forward.

Yes, I’d like a NY Gallery.  I’m not sure how to do that. How do you do that?

I’d definitely consider other residencies, longer is better in terms of allowing ideas to simmer and percolate.

I’ve feel encouraged here, which is such a huge relief…I’ve been working in oblivion for long time.

MASS MoCA Curator Susan Cross seemed to like my work when she came though during open studio. She laughed, which I think is a good sign.

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