Susan Calza is a multimedia, interdisciplinary artist living in central Vermont.
She says of her work,
“By making these images I face the tension between struggle and surrender. 
Joy and love and loss are our birthright.
Magnificence and abjectness belong to all of us.
As humans we possess the stunning ability to laugh and grieve in the same breath.
Our moments here are delicious and fleeting.
This is our imperfect beauty.”


Let’s Not Pretend is a film by Riley Bartolomeo about acclaimed artist Susan Calza. This documentary follows this award and fellowship grant winning artist to discover the autobiographical stories which lay beneath her art. Moreover, the film emphasizes the importance of art in our communities, country and world! It premiered in April, 2017.
Susan Calza discusses her mixed media installation Much Acquainted…Missing, on display in the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery at JSC.
Nancy Schade, of the Buffalo Times, interviews Susan Calza at the Hardwick Inn on March 16, 2015. Susan’s artwork is on exhibit at The Third Floor Gallery in the Hardwick Inn through April.


Art Review: Susan Calza, Axel’s Gallery & Frame Shop  (Seven Days article, May 17, 2017)


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